posted 12 March by Rebecca Leonard

The Role of a Compost Tumbler in The Garden

If you wish to transform your garbage into gardener's jewelry as soon as possible, you're highly advised to purchase a compost tumbler. You probably know about a compost bin, and it would be excellent to add compost to your flower beds and vegetable garden. However, making compost takes much time and it's not enough for your household. But the solution is a compost tumbler that will save much time while making compost.

Many contemporary gardeners state that compost is more useful than fertilizer as it doesn't only feed plants, but also improves the soil. As it is known, good soil nourishes your plants much better making them healthier, stronger and more capable to withstand different diseases and droughts. Compost is decayed organic substance containing the nutrients necessary for the plants growth. These are bacteria and different micro organisms that assist to break down this organic substance. When they reproduce their children continue the process of breaking down while their parents' bodies also break down and become the part of the organic substance. This is the process of nature's recycling.

Making compost usually takes several months. If the ratio of browns to greens is chosen correctly, right, don't let the pile dry out but turn it regularly. Then you'll get good earthy compost. The more often you turn your compost pile, the quicker you'll get the compost. Even if you neglect the pile, it'll become compost but it will need more time for it. For instance, the rich soil in the forest is made without any man's help. The leaves just fall to the ground and in time they are transformed into compost even though no one takes care of the proper wetness and temperature. And before the next season starts a great amount of leaves have begun to decompose and they nourish the trees.

The gardening season has different duration depending on the location. In the Northeast it lasts for some four months when people can grow fruits and vegetables, the flowers, etc. So, it's desirable to have a big bin of compost in the beginning of spring in order to nourish the soil during the gardening season. A compost tumbler can produce compost very quickly, so you'll be able to nourish your plants whenever you want it.

If you have a pest problem, the compost tumbler will keep your pile away from the critters. The greater number of modern tumblers are sealed up and have small holes for air only. The compost tumbler will remove the problem of rodents or snakes effectively and quickly.

Having a compost tumbler you'll need to follow a few significant rules. You'll need to put the raw materials at once, otherwise the compost will never be done. So, add what you wish and start turning. It should be turned every day or at least several times a week. The first several batches need more time until you have some compost to toss into the tumbler. A compost activator can help you. The bacteria and micro organisms should get inside.