posted 12 March by Rebecca Leonard

Problems which May Happen To Your Dryer Heating Element and Ways of Solving Them

Dryer heating elements play an important role in proper functioning of definite home appliances including washing machines, dishwashers, and many others for one simple reason - they help to faster clean clothes or dishes by heat drying them. Unfortunately, we're not insured from these elements starting malfunctioning, that means that the function that the device is meant to fulfill will be half done only. For instance, let's take a washing machine. If it has a faulty drying element it will continue washing and rinsing the clothes but it will fail to dry them up. As a result, you can open your washing machine after it has done its job and find the floor wet with all the clothes and water in them.

The same thing can be said about dishwashers which having a faulty drying and heating element will rinse the dishes but not dry them up. They will be left wet. The greatest advantage of these automatic home appliances is that the person having them doesn't need to carry out any function from the start of the process till the very end. But with faulty and malfunctioning heating elements, these automatic devices will not function to the fullest as they are meant to. Consequently, the money paid for them are wasted.

However, what pleases about those home appliances is that any part of them, be it a heating element, switches, wires, belts, motors, or any other item can be cheaply fixed. So, functionality will be returned with repairing or replacing of the broken elements. Depending upon the complexity of the damage, the malfunctioning parts can be fixed either by the owners themselves or by the professionals. Fortunately, in every city there are local service centers of the most popular brands. It should be remembered that before starting the repairing or replacement process, it's necessary to determine the seriousness of damage. Thus, every homeowner can check dryer heating elements for malfunctioning or damage on his own. Believe me, it's not at all a Herculean task. To simplify this task you are recommended to consult the owner's manual from the manufacturer. It usually comes with the appliance when you purchase it. It's a small booklet describing the construction of the appliance in detail as well as various ways of identifying and rectifying possible malfunctions. No matter, there are the parts of a dishwasher or a washing machine, the principle of functioning of these components is very similar.

Dryer heating element is powered with electricity, so the first thing and precautionary measure to be taken by anyone dealing with an electric appliance is its disconnecting from the power source. The further process depends upon the model, the manufacturing and the brand of the appliance (whether a dishwasher or a washing machine). It should be remembered though that the fixation process will require from you to dismantle and reassemble the appliance. After repairing and replacing the malfunctioning parts, the owner needs to complete thorough post checking in the process of which it may turn out that the problem lies not in the heating element, but in the thermostat, for example. In this situation, you'll need to start another checking and repairing process.

Many owners prefer to self-educate than to pay money for repairing their home appliances and they prove to succeed in finding errors and ways of solving them.