posted 12 March by Rebecca Leonard

French Spaniel Temperament and Lifespan

This is a very bold, persistent dog who is always full of enthusiasm. French Spaniel has a nice flair and a good move, but it is slowler than Breton Spaniel. French Spaniel is balanced, calm, intelligent, very attached to the master and the children being a beautiful family friend. Train a dog of this breed patiently and flexibly.

Despite the fact that the French Spaniel was created for life in the countryside, it can easily live in an apartment, provided long walks. The wool is easy to care as brushing it twice a week will be enough. The lifespan of the dogs is about 11-13 years.

How Much Does a French Spaniel Cost and Price Range

The price for the dog varies from $900 to $1500 and higher if you would like to purchase the show quality dog with all documents proving the high standard of its parents and the show quality of the puppy.

French Spaniel Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

French Spaniels can be of white color with brown spots and specks. The spots can be large or of medium size, with soft edges. It is also possible to meet a roan color with spots of medium size. There are shades of brown color varies from light brown to dark liver. Preferably it is white blaze on the head. The height is 53-61 cm. The weight is 20-25 kg. Overall Impression: This is a powerful and elegant dog with muscular thighs and shoulders. It has a medium-sized head, slightly convex, with a long snout which ends with a brown nose with open nostrils.

At the head very expressive, good, large eyes with dark amber color stand out.

Soft and long hair covers the animal body, including the S-shaped curved tail. If the body hair should be only slightly wavy, then on the tail, legs, neck, and ears can curl. The tail is never docked. It should be S-shaped and completely covered with hair.

French Spaniel Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

French Spaniel is a distant descendant of the long-haired setter of the Middle Ages. Back in the 16th century, the dogs of this breed were actively used for hunting wildfowl. Subsequently, the French Spaniel was displaced by English breed and began to disappear, but in the 19th century the interest for this breed revived. The first breed standard appeared in 1891, in which French Spaniel was described as more powerful and big than the Breton Spaniel. But, in spite of the interest that has resumed in the breed, the number of these dogs remained low, not only outside the country, but also directly in France.